The DressingRoom by Gap uses avatars to help shoppers understand how products will fit

The DressingRoom by Gap uses avatars to help shoppers understand how products will fit

US apparel giant Gap Inc has unveiled a new pilot app designed to help customers virtually "try on" clothing through a smartphone.

Created in collaboration with San Francisco-based app developer Avametric, and Google, 'DressingRoom by Gap' uses avatars to help shoppers understand how products will fit without stepping foot in a dressing room.

Customers simply choose a style before selecting one of five featured body types which will allow them to "try on" the piece of clothing via a digital mannequin, from anywhere on a Google Tango-enabled device.

In a company blog post, Gil Krakowsky, vice president global strategy and business development at Gap, explains the company has been working on the fit of its products to better match the way customers are shaped instead of just looking at "fit model" sizes.

"Gap is committed to making it effortless for customers to look great and on trend, while delivering products that fit, are flattering and make you feel confident," Krakowsky adds. "We know that consumer shopping behaviours continue to change at a rapid pace, while technology continues to change the way customers engage with brands, browse products and shop. We want our customers to always be confident that the product they see will fit the way they expect."

According to Krakowsky, the app, which was revealed at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas last week, is just one element of the company's longer-term strategic plan in the space.

"Technology gives customers incredible autonomy around the shopping experience and it's our responsibility to constantly explore new ways to make the shopping experience effortless and pursue solutions that will add value to the customer experience.

"One of our top priorities is continuing to improve our technical knowledge around how fabric stretch, drape and feel impact the sensation of fit. A lot of that customer information was inputted into the Avametric technology, backed by the Google Tango platform and ASUS hardware, to develop the 'DressingRoom by Gap' pilot app we're looking at today."

For shoppers with a Tango-enabled device, 'DressingRoom by Gap' will be available at the end of January. In the meantime, Krakowsky says Gap is continuing to explore how the app will work for customers and how it can be used to improve the browsing and shopping experience.