Gap Inc's children's division, GapKids, has teamed up with Wild Planet to launch a GapKids windbreaker jacket with Wild Planet's Explorer Gloves attached.

The jacket, which was designed by GapKids, comes with multi-gadget gloves that were invented by a 10-year-old boy, Nathan Tung, through Wild Planet's annual Kid Inventor Challenge competition.

The gloves feature signal lights, magnifying lens, watch, compass, grip clips and gear loops and are attached to a lightweight, jersey-lined zip-up jacket.

The jacket with gloves will retail for $49.50. Tung will receive royalty cheques from Wild Planet for each set of gloves sold to GapKids.

The jackets will be on sale at all GapKids stores throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and France, as well as through its online retail store.

Tung said he invented the gloves because he "enjoyed playing with gadgets and wanted one easy way to carry them all."