New US customs measures that require stringent cargo inspections and constant surveillance are being supported by two of Thailand's leading trade associations.

Suchart Chantaranakaracha, president of the Thai Garment Manufacturers' Association, told The Bangkok Post that the government must support the US measures in order to ensure that shipments are not unduly delayed.

He added that the additional costs arising from security checks at every transit point "are inevitable but I think the US will share the burden with us."

The new regulations require shippers to provide United States Customs officials with information on both cargos and exporters no less than 24 hours before the containers are loaded onto the ships and the shipments leave Thai ports. While at sea the cargo will be monitored using a satellite navigation system to detect any unusual movements.

Meanwhile, the Export Promotion Department is to meet with exporters next month to help familiarise them with the US measures.

The United States currently buys 53 per cent of Thailand's total garment exports, valued at just over $3 billion this year.