Garment workers have taken to the streets in Pakistan's major textile city Faisalabad to protest at non-payment of their salaries before the Eid religious holiday.

Hundreds of workers joined the demonstration on Tuesday (16 November) demanding the payment of their wages on the eve of Eid, the three-day Muslim holiday.

Labour leaders said that thousands of garment workers will be forced to celebrate Eid without money, while plant owners have made a fortune from exceptionally high product prices, government subsidies, tax exemptions, and loan write-offs.

Earlier on Monday, hundreds of female garment workers also staged a pay demonstration. And a powerloom worker was killed at the weekend.

According to the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) there are 3.5m textile workers in the country. Many of them are paid below the minimum wage level of PKR7000 (US$82) per month.