Business on the web just got better for apparel manufacturers, designers, textile mills and sales representatives Garmentrade said today.

Garmentrade delivered its global Internet e-commerce application to more than a dozen industry trading partners on October 25. Charter businesses are already employing Garmentrade's online tools, which include virtual conceptboards, calendars and purchase order management, in addition to textile sourcing and catalogue functionality.

Honing its product since 1998, Garmentrade spent the weeks prior to the launch preparing its first members for the integration of the application's tools within their companies. Member data and profiles were collected to ensure the transition to the Internet platform went smoothly and so far the buzz has been nothing but positive.

"Once a trading partner signs on, we take them through an introductory training course to familiarise them with the application and show them how to integrate it into their daily business routine," explains vice president of Product Development, Betty Smith, "and once we enter their information into the system they're up and running in a matter of minutes."

The Internet-based platform, which was initially architected by an e-commerce veteran from Netscape, will help accelerate time to market and create cost efficiencies for both textile and apparel manufacturers. Thanks to this innovative technology backed by a management team with more than 150 years of combined domain expertise on both the apparel and technology sides, users are able to:
  • Collaborate with trading partners on fabric and colour development,
  • Search a worldwide database of fabric and trim and increase distribution to new customers,
  • Build conceptboards for organising seasonal apparel lines or merchandising new textile product lines, and
  • Automate the entire purchase management process and execute one-click requests for swatches, samples, quotations and production orders from multiple vendors, among other functions.

Strategically aligned with financial institutions CIT and First International Bank, trading partners can obtain financing or factored lines of credit for their purchases placed on the Garmentrade site.

Garmentrade has also partnered with Cal Safety Compliance Corporation (CSCC) to ensure that every online supplier meets or exceeds the established code of ethics representing quality business practices and compliance.

Trading partners can access the site at by entering their user password, which is assigned during the membership application process. Regular changes are made to passwords to ensure there is no unauthorised access to the system.

The next step will be to introduce even more trading partners to Garmentrade's online community. As existing users bring their associates and suppliers into the fold in order to conduct all of their business in one locale, the site's membership will steadily grow. "It's a chain effect," says Smith. "Our presence on the Web is extremely exciting not only for our team, but for everyone in the industry. Garmentrade is greatly enhancing the way the industry does business, and the future couldn't look brighter."

Businesses can sign up for Garmentrade membership via the website or by contacting a sales representative directly at 415/544-0203.

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