Footwear fashions for next summer will be bright, light and luxurious. Shoes, like clothes, are taking a look back in time and offering a fast action replay of the last hundred years. Inspirations range from the smart, neat 50s to the opulent 80s. While there's a nod and a wink to 20s dandyism, the main feature is a creative update on the 40s and 70s, when platform soles reigned supreme.The golden 20s are revisited with classy sports shoes and classic lace-ups shaped on thoroughbred Balmoral, 'Norweger' and 'Budapest' lines. Also back in the spotlight is the 40s peep-toe D'Orsay pump (closed heel and tread, open instep), featuring a slightly raised sole, high straight or gently curved heel and ankle strap or stylish cut-out for added impact.