Canadian software company Geac Computer Corp Ltd on Tuesday announced leading European apparel chain Etam Development has invested 672,000 euros in its RunTime product data management application - QuestPDM.

The Ontario based firm said Etam, the second largest distributor of women's apparel in France, will deploy its software to several hundred users based in multiple countries across Europe including France, UK and Belgium.

It will allow Etam to build a view of how garments will be manufactured, allowing simulation of designs, costs and margins, and recording specification for areas including sizing, labelling and packaging.

"With more than 1,200 stores across Europe and Asia Pacific, we required a solution that could ultimately help us reduce time-to-market, and increase not only the efficiency and effectiveness of our entire design and pre-production process, but also our profitability," said Christian Devlaminck, IT director, Etam Group.

"After conducting a thorough search of all the major apparel product data management solution vendors, we selected RunTime's QuestPDM because it was best suited to helping us meet our time-to-market demands and strategic business goals. It is a powerful tool for managing product life cycle development."