Geac Style will next month roll out a series of e-commerce seminars for the UK apparel industry, to tackle the hype and educate on the reality of e-business. Following the success of similar seminars in the Nordics, Geac Style aims to discuss the benefits e-commerce can bring to businesses. The seminars will also host demonstrations showing how you can take your collection to the web in minutes, rather than weeks, and advise on how to take advantage of e-commerce rather than be baffled by it. Failure to integrate e-commerce with core processes will eventually drive costs up. As fashion evolves more and more quickly, the speed at which a collection can be taken to the web is paramount to its success. With over 600 customers in the apparel industry, Geac Style has developed its e-commerce offering with IBM to create a simplified one-stop solution that works in line with the specific requirements of the clothing business. As well as the live presentation of business to business technology, there will be speakers from IBM talking about the strategic alliance between Geac Style and IBM.Also presenting will be Christian Gabe, IT Manager at Danish fashion house, Carli Gry, which is responsible for brands such as Jackpot, Cottonfield and Peak Performance. He will discuss the reasons behind Carli Gry's decision to invest in business to business e-commerce and improve its service to 3500 customers throughout the world. The seminars will take place on 18th October in Manchester and 19th October in London, and will then be rolled out throughout Europe.