Vroom & Dreesmann Warenhuizen, a subsidiary of variety and specialty stores company Vendex, has selected software from Geac to streamline its apparel division's processes.

The software from RunTime, Geac's specialist division serving the apparel and footwear industry, is expected to enable V&D to standardise design processes and to develop collections much faster.

Other subsidiaries of Vendex, including M&S Mode, Claudia Strater, Hunkemoller and HEMA, are already established users of Geac RunTime software.

V&D styling coordinator Tinka Doorgeest said: "Geac RunTime is the standard for streamlining design processes.

"The solution offers a comprehensive set of tools to develop clothing collections faster and more efficiently."

Vendex has net sales of € 4.1bn (US$4.8bn) and an estimated market share of 8% in the Dutch non-food retailing sector.

Geac RunTime, which has hundreds of customers in the fashion and apparel industry, develops and sells software for the design and pre-production phases of the manufacturing process, product data management, customer relationship management and sales force automation.