Genesco Inc today announced plans to initiate a test of a new concept targeting the "tween" customer, ages five to 12, opening up to four stores during the first quarter of next fiscal year.The concept, named "Journeys Kidz," is an offshoot of the company's successful Journeys chain of more than 400 stores aimed at teen and young adult customers. "Journeys Kidz is a natural extension of the Journeys brand," said Ben T. Harris, chairman and chief executive officer of Genesco. Branded footwear and accessories will be offered in an environment reminiscent of Journeys, but fine-tuned for the target customer. Skechers, Vans, Timberland, Dr. Martens, Stevies, Candie's and others are expected to be part of the product mix offered at Journeys Kidz."Journeys remains perhaps the clearest example in our industry of what happens when you understand your customers' lifestyle and offer them the right shoes in the right environment for that lifestyle," Harris continued. "We've seen the power of that insight in all Genesco's businesses and we believe it will draw the "tween" customer as well."