Genius Products Inc (OTCBB:GNUS) and its licensing agent Global Icons, ( ), announced today that they have come to an agreement to award the Baby Genius apparel license to Catton Apparel Group, a division of Catton Brothers Corp. Catton, which makes the Disney Babies line of clothing, will develop a full line of Baby Genius clothing and layette gift sets for newborns, infants and toddlers. "We are delighted to have Catton Apparel Group as the principal apparel licensee for Baby Genius. They bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the business and, of all the apparel companies, we believe that Catton is in the best position to fulfill the potential of a Baby Genius clothing line," said Klaus Moeller, chief executive officer of Genius Products. "We are very pleased with how far Global Icons has taken our licensing program in such a short time. They're doing a brilliant job," added Moeller. The license was negotiated by Karen Aaron who works with Ken Abrams, executive vice president sales and marketing in Global Icon's Kids division, (