Technology company Gerber has introduced an 'Expert Edition' of its AccuNest product, the latest version of its new series software products for automatically generating markers.

AccuNest Expert Edition (EE) uses multiple nesting and compaction processors to deliver the best possible material yields every time.

The unique multiple engine capability offers never-before-attained results for high-volume manufacturers with broad product categories, the company said.

Based on orders, AccuNest EE creates efficient marker layouts fully automatically. It can also shorten markers made manually or automatically by slimming down the pieces to eliminate excess material between parts.

Work uniform supplier Cintas, has been a beta test site for AccuNest Expert Edition and an active participant in the development process.

"We anticipate AccuNest will be especially beneficial during high-volume work levels and vacation/absentee periods," said Liza Durbin, manager of product development for logistics and manufacturing at Cintas.

"Savings on selected styles range fromUS$0.0291 to $0.0469 per unit. There's no doubt about the added savings we'll capture by running the program 24/7."