Gerber Technology has released a new version of its AccuMark CAD software, with the focus directed at increasing productivity, improving materialisation and ease of use.

AccuMark 8.4.1 is used for pattern design, grading, marker making and nesting.

The new Autosave feature helps to protect against lost work and lost time due to unexpected shutdowns from power loss or other unpredicted situations. While the Batch engine provides users with the ability to automatically move jobs through different processes in the system with enhanced flexibility and control. 

A new compaction function is now available to help improve material utilisation, and can be used interactively during marker making. Once a group of pieces are placed, Compact Marker can be used to improve the efficiency of that section of the marker. 

AccuMark's ability to generate cut data has also been enhanced. The automatic start point option automatically identifies the knife entry points at optimal locations - where there is limited congestion. There is also a new option to cut certain line segments more slowly due to complex contours. 

New support for shade zones in AccuNest also makes it easier to manage inconsistent fabric. And markers for fabrics with variations in shading can now be made automatically.