Lingerie specialist Gerhard Rösch is to use sustainable cotton produced in a number of sub-Saharan African countries for the first time next year.

Its new 'Never Out of Stock' (NOS) collection will be available worldwide from August 2014, and will consist of a range of single jersey pieces in 100% cotton made from Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) yarn.

By using yarn from the CmiA initiative, Rösch will support the cultivation of sustainably produced cotton in Sub-Saharan Africa - with a specially designed hang-tag on the product telling consumers about the initiative.

"The company has been increasing its efforts in developing sustainable product lines since the end of 2012," explains Andreas Söffker, managing director of Gerhard Rösch.

"In addition to its cooperation with CmiA, the Saba project in China, from which the organic silk collection emerged, is already an integral part of the company philosophy."

Currently more than 20 textile companies worldwide and 475,000 smallholder farmers in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, and the Ivory Coast participate in the CmiA initiative.