The successful German discount clothing chain KiK intends to open 100 to 150 new shops in Denmark by 2002. The company has plans to launch in Sweden and Spain too, in the near future.KiK is an abbreviation of the chain's slogan "Kunde ist König" (The Customer is King). The chain has shown massive growth in Germany and Austria with over 900 shops in six years. German retailer Tengelmann is major shareholder in the chain. The group's turnover last year was DEM51.6m.The chain's concept is to sell menswear (Consul), womenswear (Vicky) and childrenswear, underwear, and hosiery at permanently low prices, and to offer a selection of toys, furnishing textiles and linens, towels, cosmetic and gifts. As a special service, it offers customers a money back guarantee for up to four weeks after purchase. The first Danish shop, 800 sq ms, opens in Herning (Jutland) tomorrow and on Thursday in Lynge in Northern Sealand. In November, shops will open in Åbybro and Svendborg. Plans are to have 15 shops in Denmark before the end of the year. The shops are located in provincial towns with other cut-price supermarket grocery chains nearby, appealing to the same market segment.The Danish market will be used a launching pad for Sweden. The Spanish market will be a target too, at the same time as Sweden. Norway is on the list, but there are no finalised plans there yet.