DTRT Apparel Ltd (DTRT), which claims to be West Africa's largest clothing manufacturer, has announced a new investment from leading investment firm Verod Capital Management and Red Bull in a deal it says will be "transformative" for the West African apparel industry.

DTRT supplies apparel to US and EU brands via a global network spanning three continents. It employs more than 2,000 people in West Africa and procures textiles from Asia and exports primarily to the EU and US markets, benefitting from preferential trade deals between those markets and Ghana.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of the DTRT business model. The business works with suppliers to produce a polyester fabric that requires 80% less water for dyeing than the traditional fabric-dyeing process. DTRT estimates they have saved over 200m litres of water over the last five years using this fabric. 

The investment from Verod Capital Management and Red Bull, it says, is a "massive boost" for apparel manufacturing in West Africa. Red Bull be an "anchor customer" for DTRT, and DTRT will be a part of Red Bull's global apparel sourcing operations.

"Given today's global macro-economics, apparel brands are increasingly looking for cost-competitive, socially responsible, long-term manufacturing alternatives outside Asia. This milestone deal is an affirmation of our vision of sustainable apparel manufacturing in Ghana – with the highest production, environmental and labour standards – and affords us the opportunity to significantly expand our production capacity and capabilities to make DTRT Africa's leading apparel manufacturer," says Skip Richmond, co-counder and co-CEO of DTRT Apparel. "We're very excited to work with our partners and strategic investors to drive growth and provide our value-added services on a larger scale to current and future customers."

Danladi Verheijen, Verod managing director added: "Verod Capital's investment in DTRT is predicated on the very rapid growth of the Ghanaian economy, due largely to its political stability, and Ghana's unique advantages for cost-competitive production. The DTRT team are highly experienced operators who are also 100% committed to improving the lives of West Africans, which aligns with the mission of Verod Capital. We look forward to working with the founders to build up this business but also to help West Africa become a major hub for apparel manufacturing."

The transaction value was not disclosed.