Giorgio Armani is hoping to improve supply chain operations across its 28 retail stores in the US by expanding its use of Retek Store Systems (RSS).

Armani will use Retek's handheld wireless devices for store operations management, supporting critical store level activities including receiving, stock adjustments, transfers, return to vendor, ticketing and stock lookups.

"Providing our customers with high levels of service is very important," said Stephen Culver, chief information officer with Giorgio Armani, US.

"Retek has provided Armani with a strong store operations solution that enables real-time information to flow between the store and headquarters. With this information, we have been able to reduce inventory, improve labour management, and most importantly, improve customer service."

Armani will work with RSS to aid its supply chain operations. North American stores receive product from company headquarters in Milan, Italy. Armani will utilise advanced shipment notice (ASN) data to manage the shipment of product directly from the manufacturer to the store, eliminating the need for Armani's retail warehousing function. Armani is also using other Retek solutions for merchandising operations management.

"We're seeing what many have labelled the store revolution," said Peter Baskin, vice president of Retail CRM solutions with Retek. "The ability to access and control key business processes closer to the point of customer interaction is a central theme and primary value driver."