Nine fires were reported in India in July

Nine fires were reported in India in July

A new report suggests there were 61 fires in the fashion industry supply chain in July, with India the worst country to be affected.

The analysis by Stephen Frost of the CUHK Business School in Hong Kong, in association with the GoBlu sustainability accelerator, shows the fires resulted in one death and 12 injuries. 

However, the 'Fires in the Fashion Industry Supply Chain' report notes there were fewer fire incidents, deaths, and injuries in July than the monthly running averages. 

Fires were reported in 25 countries, with eight countries reporting more than two fires. India, with nine fires for the month, accounted for 14.8% of all fires reported.

Countries reporting more than two fires for July were India (9), Bangladesh, Korea, and Pakistan (6 each), Brazil (4), and Indonesia, Portugal, and Turkey (3 each). Between them, these eight countries accounted for 40 fires (or 66%). 

The single death occurred in an apparel factory fire in Pakistan, which resulted from a gas leak. 

According to the report, the fires started for a number of reasons. While most fire incident reports do not attribute a cause, those stating the source mostly blamed electrical malfunction (almost always a short circuit). 

Other causes were machinery malfunction and human error. One incident in Albania involved suspected arson when a bus transporting workers from a shoe factory was allegedly set on fire.