The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

  • German apparel brand s.Oliver plans to expand its presence in India by looking to operate 55 stores and 150 concessions in the country by 2016. The investment will cost INR140 crore. s.Oliver estimates growth of 30% year-on-year during the expansion, compared to current 15-29%. The company teamed up with Orient Craft brands for its Indian venture in 2007 and has now joined up with Design Pod. HINDUSTAN TIMES
  • According to the General Statistics Office, Viet Nam exports jumped 24.1% in value for the first time in five months to reach US$42.9bn. Vo Tri Thanh, deputy head of the Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM) said the growth was an uplift during the current economic climate. However, foreign direct investment (FDI) firms accounted for 60.8% of the total export value in the country during the period. VIETNAM NEWS
  • A coalition of non-governmental organisations believes the European Union should push the Uzbekistan government to give the International Labour Organization (ILO) access to monitor the 2012 cotton harvest. This aims to end forced labour and child labour in the country's cotton sector. The organisations sent letters to the European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton and Denmark's foreign minister, Villy Søvndal. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH
  • Figures have showed that China's textile and garment exports slowed drastically over the first four months of the year, as local companies recorded declining market share internationally and weaker domestic consumption. The export value of textile and garments in the January-April period grew just 1.07% to US$71bn, according to data released by the China National Textile and Apparel Council. This is a sharp contrast to the 27.05% rise recorded in the same period of the perior year. CHINA DAILY
  • Fallen Australian retailer Fletcher Jones is set to get a fresh start as an online-only retailer when it closes its last three stores next month. The online store is set to begin operating in July, but unlike the bricks and mortar busi9ness, it will not sell women's clothing. HERALD SUN