The following is a round-up of apparel and footwear news from the world's local media. just-style has not checked these stories so cannot guarantee their accuracy.

  • Bangladesh's exports rose 10.9% in the year to November, helped by strong demand for ready-made garments during the second half of the year. Exports of ready-made garments increased 9.7% to $1.36bn in November against $1.24bn in the same month last year. For the five months to November, garment exports were up 5.7% to $7.99bn. However, exporters said garment sales in the fiscal year to June 2013 are likely to be 10% lower than the year before because of the economic slowdown. REUTERS
  • Up to 14 girls from Polasara, Ganjam in India have been rescued by police after they were allegedly being sent to work at a garment factory in Chennai. Police detained two women for trafficking the 13-17 year olds. Girls from the Ganjam, Gajapati and Kandhamal districts are working in hazardous conditions after being promised jobs with high salaries, according to Campaign against Child Labour. THE TIMES OF INDIA
  • Chinese sportswear retailer Li Ning has denied reports claiming that Peak Sport Products Co had suggested the two companies merge. Li Ning said it has not received any offer from the rival firm and would never discuss such a proposal. The comments come after local media reported Peak Sport had asked some financial intermediaries to contact Li Ning about a possible deal. CHINA ECONOMIC REVIEW
  • Taiwan's major contract footwear manufacturers Pou Chen Group, Feng Tay Group and Fulgent Sun Co saw revenues rise more than 10% in November compared to the previous month. Pou Chen revenues increased 11.8% month-over-month, while revenues at Feng Tay and Fulgent Sun were up 11.1% and 12.5% respectively. The footwear makers continue to expect further growth in the fourth quarter. CENS.COM
  • Indian footwear retailer and manufacturer Bata India has introduced an international shoe brand for women. Sundrops shoes are designed to provide flexibility and comfort, with padded sock lining and flexible soles. The shoes are available in ballerina and loafer styles with prices ranging from INR2,000 to INR4,000. THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE