The federal government is to carry out a review of Australia's textile, clothing and footwear industries with a view to developing new strategies for its long-term future.

The assessment will be conducted by Professor Roy Green, Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, in consultation with an industry reference group.

And its aim is to develop practical and effective strategies to ensure Australia's textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) industries will be vibrant, innovative and competitive well into the future.

Senator Kim Carr, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, said: "The TCF industries have an important role to play in Australia's economic and social future. But the right policy settings must be put in place now."

The Government is also calling on the Productivity Commission to provide extra information by modelling the economy-wide effects of future assistance options.

Senator Carr said the review will take into account the changing nature of the industries in the TCF sector and assess their current performance and prospects. 

He added: "It will seek to ensure that TCF industries are able to take advantage of new technologies and new research and have the skills and strategies that are needed to compete in the global market place."

The issue of industry assistance will also be addressed in the report, which is due to be released on 31 August.

Professor Green will be supported by an expert reference group including Mr Brian Rush, president of the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries Australia Limited and CEO of Australian Defence Apparel Limited; Mr Phillip Butt, president of the Footwear Manufacturers' Association of Australia and managing director of J Robins & Sons; and Mr Barry Tubner, national president of the TCF Union of Australia.