The US Department of Labor has granted more than $5.3m to the International Labor Organization (ILO) to support its global Better Work programme in the garment industries in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The initiative seeks to improve labour conditions in global supply chains by monitoring conditions in export factories and publishing the results in a transparent manner. It also helps suppliers to comply with labour standards that many buyers and customers demand.

“The goal is to replicate this highly successful strategy, first developed in Cambodia ten years ago, in countries that protect their workers' rights while promoting development,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L Solis.

Under the grant, the Better Work program will focus on compliance with labour standards in the garment and other industries in these three countries.

The project will engage the ministries of labour, factory managers, multinational buyers, employer organidations and trade unions, and provide guidance and solutions to improve compliance with labour laws in ways that increase the viability of companies, as well as the livelihoods and working conditions of workers.