GretagMacbeth is to introduce the new ProPalette Leather at the Tanning Tech show in Bologna, Italy. ProPalette is the most complete colour formulation and quality control software package available for the leather industry, the company said.

This Windows-based colour formulation tool is compatible with any of GretagMacbeth's spectrophotometers, including the new ColorEye XTH, to gather spectral reflectance data and determine whether a formula with an acceptable colour match exists. In addition, a searchable library of colour standards and formula with an acceptable colour match exists. A searchable library of colour standards and formulas can be created and modified allowing the optimum match for colour specifications.

The new programme allows the user to create formulas that are the optimum match for the colour specification, which reduces colorant consumption and costs of production and ensures consistent colour from the lab to production.

David L. Alston, product manager, colour management software, said: "ProPalette Leather is clearly the most complete formulation package available because it not only lets the user build and modify a searchable library of colour standards and formulas, it also allows the user to perform fast colour corrections and adds during production runs and share digital colorant standards and formulas between the tannery and the chemical supplier."

ProPalette Leather allows the user to choose between four different package levels, allowing the user to choose the system that is right for their business. Packages include, ProPalette Leather QC Silver, with full QC capability, including transmission for controlling colorant strength; ProPalette Leather Formulation Gold(Drum Dyeing), also with full QC and formulation capability specifically for drum drying; ProPalette Leather Formulation Gold (Finishing), with full QC and formulation capability for finishing; and ProPalette Leather Formulation Platinum, with full QC, drum dyeing and finishing capability. ProPalette's modular design lets the user start small and later expand as the tannery's needs change. Modules can be customised for specific application including clothing, shoes, upholstery, and accessories.

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GretagMacbeth provides a comprehensive, integrated single-source solution for selecting, matching, measuring, formulating, managing, evaluating and communicating colour in industries ranging from textiles, inks and packaging to desktop publishing and printing. Its full line of colour control and management tools include colour formulation software, profiling software, standardised lighting, colour standards, white reflectance coating, training, calibration and certification services.

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