GretagMacbeth, the colour measurement solutions specialist, has introduced a portable version of its SpectraLight III colour evaluation solution, the SpectraLight Jr.

This is the first desktop viewing booth to offer accurate daylight simulation and a full range of colour evaluation environments by offering four selectable lighting options plus UV.

The SpectraLight Jr uses filtered tungsten halogen daylight simulation, providing a calibrated daylight viewing environment with a small footprint.

"SpectraLight Jr. combines the leading GretagMacbeth technology and proven techniques to provide testing labs with a wide range of evaluation settings," said Nick Lena, product marketing manager at GretagMacbeth. "Observation under numerous light settings is critical for making accurate colour evaluations for any industry. SpectraLight Jr enables accurate colour evaluation to occur in any office or point-of-purchase display, and offers more lighting options, longer lamp life and certified daylight simulation for increased value," he added.