Mexican home textiles and apparel manufacturer Grupo Kaltex is adopting Lectra Fashion PLM to help streamline processes and improve collaboration across its design and development teams. 

The company, which is one of the largest exporters of textiles in Mexico, serving international markets that include the US, Canada, Europe and South America, will deploy the solution at its US subsidiary Revman International and Mexican manufacturing division Kaltex Home.

According to Hebe Schecter, president of Kaltex North America, both companies will use the platform to better structure and synchronise processes across their different design and development teams.

This, Grupo Kaltex says, will reduce the time needed to create new products and enhance product quality, giving the company the flexibility and resources it needs to add more brands to its portfolio and pursue international growth.

"[Lectra] offered us practical solutions that would let us communicate in real time between different design and development teams, so that we could collaborate more effectively and maintain visibility over a diverse collection of international product lines, across different companies and divisions, on one unified platform," Schecter explains.