Italian fashion house Gucci has been awarded compensation of CNY180,000 (US$26,000) after a local footwear company was found to have infringed one of the company's trademarks.

Ladies' sandals bearing the Italian company's distinctive interlocking GG logo were discovered for sale at Shanghai department store No 1 Yaohan in August 2006, reported Chinese state media.

The People's Court of Shanghai, Pudong District, ruled that Jiangsu-based manufacturer Senda Group should pay the compensation to Gucci.

It also absolved the store of any blame in the matter, but ordered it to stop selling the shoes immediately.

Customers might be misled into thinking that the sandals were designed by Senda and Gucci, or that they had been produced and sold with Gucci's permission, the court said.

Gucci, whose rights to the trademark were recognised in China in 1999 and 2002, had originally asked for compensation totalling CNY610,000.