Fashion brand and retailer Guess Inc has extended its use of the TradeCard cloud-based trade platform into Europe to help standardise its global supply chain.

Guess first began using TradeCard in 2007 to facilitate transactions with trading partners in the US and Asia.

"TradeCard provides a system of record for the supply chain, delivering visibility and process automation that benefit Guess and our trading partners," said Mike Relich, CIO of Guess Inc.

"All processes from purchase order through settlement occur in one place. This eliminates errors, confusion and paper intensive processes. Some of our European suppliers were asking us to move onto TradeCard to make their lives easier."

The deployment will help Guess Europe eliminate the need for letters of credit and provide an automated environment for communicating with suppliers and trading partners on orders and settlements.

Guess Inc will also benefit from clear visibility into the status of orders, while suppliers have visibility to know when and how they will be paid.