Continuing to adapt its business to its strengths as a retailer, Guess?? Inc said Tuesday that it will move the end of its fiscal year to the end of January from the end of December.

This puts Los Angeles, California-based Guess? In the same league as the overwhelming majority of publicly held US retailers and allows it to conform to the National Retail Federation fiscal calendar.

In fiscal 2005, US$612.9m of the company's $936.1m in revenues, or 65.5%, were derived from its retail operations.

Guess will treat the current month, ending on 3 February, as a transitional period and begin its 2008 fiscal year on 4 February. Results for January will be included in those for the first quarter beginning on 4 February and ending 5 May.

Fiscal 2008 will end 2 February 2008 and subsequent fiscal years will end on the Saturday nearest 31 January each year, Guess said.
By Arnold J Karr.