Cut-price brands Internet fashion store is struggling to maintain its image and business plan, reports the Danish business weekly Børsens Nyhedsmagasin. sells cut-price designer clothes and accessories over the Internet. It does not have all its agreements in place with its suppliers, reports the magazine, even though managing director Michael Vad denies the allegation.

Many fashion and couture companies do not want their goods sold cheaply over the Internet, and the magazine alleges that Haburi has been resorting to parallel import, with the commensurate risk that the company might be buying forgeries.

A couple of the shareholders in the Internet store, Mærsk Data and Uni-Invest, were concerned by the allegations and demanded an answer on where Haburi's goods have been sourced. Vad replied that Haburi has bought them from the fashion companies' distributors and that all paperwork and certification is in order.

By Penny Leese