Clothing tags will no longer be a pain in the neck for US shoppers after garment maker Hanes unveiled a revolutionary range of tagless T-shirts.

The North Carolina-based division of Sara Lee Corp has developed a process allowing it to heat-label all laundry information directly onto the T-shirt and is backing it up with a nationwide marketing campaign.

The firm, famous for its classic white underwear, says the tagless technique eliminates the urge to scratch and the need to tuck the tag back in.

According to a recent Hanes survey, two out of every three men consider underwear T-shirt tags to be annoying, and close to half of all men surveyed routinely rip or cut the tags out of their shirts.

"We have always put a premium on comfort," said spokeswoman Terri Thompson. "What better way to make our all-American favorite - the Hanes T-shirt - more comfortable than to retire that last annoyance ... the tag."