US apparel maker Hanesbrands, owner of DBApparel and Maidenform businesses, is proposing a restructure that could see some 600 jobs cut in Europe, but has said "manufacturing is unaffected".

Those affected are primarily management and technician positions, as well as some distribution jobs, a spokesperson for the company told just-style today (17 April).

However, he noted that Hanesbrands expects to "significantly" mitigate the number of employees affected as not all the roles are filled at this time.

In addition, Hanesbrands is proposing to add back some 100 positions, while there will also be potential employee placement with outsourced service providers, and voluntary plans.

"For those employees losing jobs, we are committed to meeting our legal obligations for severance as well as outplacement assistance and local revitalisation funds for job creation," he said.

In October, Hanesbrands revealed that it would move its men's boxers production to Vietnam from Costa Rica, after 40 years in the country and with the loss of 1,250 jobs. The strategy stemmed from a cost-cutting effort to move production next to fabric suppliers in China.

Earlier this year, the T-shirt and underwear maker saw its fourth-quarter profit nearly treble to US$89.4m on a double-digit sales increase. The company said 2015 was shaping up to be another record year.