Hansae has been busy expanding globally in recent years

Hansae has been busy expanding globally in recent years

South Korean apparel manufacturing giant Hansae Co says it will focus its global expansion on Japan and Europe as it looks for new opportunities.

Last year, Hansae opened a new facility in Myanmar, taking its total in the country to two. Speaking to just-style, Daymond Kim, Hansae vice-chairman, said Myanmar has an "exceptional trade relationship" with Japan and Europe.

As such, Kim said the company will look to expand its business to these two markets. At present, Hansae has operations in seven countries. One of those is the US; in August, the company announced plans to invest up to $2m to set up its first manufacturing operation in the country.

The site in Garner, North Carolina, will focus on producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for the US market.

Kim said one of the challenges Hansae has come up against while growing the business internationally is market volatility.

"Change in global trade environment was significant to us, as we have a fleet of facilities spreading in many countries. However, what we found is that such distancing of facilities can also yield unexpected benefit like better trading conditions."

On the pandemic has passed, Kim said Hansae will focus more on regional autonomy by empowering local employees and strengthening its internal communication network. "Fortunately, such 'untact' and digitalised way has been expected to come eventually, for which Hansae had been prepared. Now we are witnessing the new way is paved, and Hansae will tread another streak on it."

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