Hilo Hattie, the leading Hawaiian retailer, has selected CobWeb as its E-Commerce Application Service Provider (ASP).

Bret Hause, vice president of Hilo Hattie, said: "We needed a completely outsourced solution from a trusted third party who had significant experience creating and implementing fully functional high-end websites. CobWeb's E-$torefront has everything we need to run a high volume online store without expending all of our precious internal resources."

In 1999, Hilo Hattie revamped its original site to expand its online product offering from 150 to over 1000 Hawaiian products. Its newly designed and visually attractive storefront provided shoppers with a much larger selection, but was lacking back-end functionality. This created serious operational inefficiencies with the significantly increased order volumes.

"Hilo Hattie is an ideal customer," said Richard Lancaster CEO of CobWeb. "It had already proven that e-commerce could work as a new form of distribution for the company, but it wasn't prepared to make building and running e-commerce systems one of the company's core competencies. Together we have produced a new site that irons out all of the internal inefficiencies they were facing, driving their bottom line higher and providing new store functionality for their customers."

The new Hilo Hattie E-$torefront solution was launched on October 6, and has provided Hilo Hattie with the functionality it needs to grow its online offering significantly.

About CobWeb
Founded in 1994, CobWeb is a leading e-commerce ASP in the mid-sized company marketplace. CobWeb's E-$torefront provides merchants with a sophisticated turnkey solution that includes complete site development, state-of-the-art hosting, order management and real-time transaction processing. E-$torefront keeps costs under control, frees up internal resources, and helps merchants realize a greater return on investment. E-$torefront customers include Microsoft, EltonJohn.com, Car Toys, Information Week, and many more.

About Hilo Hattie
Hilo Hattie is the largest retailer of Hawaiian fashions and related products in the world, with six retail stores in Hawaii, two in the Continental US and one in Guam. Hilo Hattie is continuing its rapid growth by opening two new stores in December, one in Phoenix and its second store on Maui. With over 2.5 million shoppers visiting per year, Hilo Hattie is the largest shopping attraction in Hawaii. The retailer is also the world's largest manufacturer of Hawaiian, resort, and casual fashions offering hundreds of exclusive prints and styles, producing over one million garments a year.