The latest offering from thermal insulation producer Heat-MX Worldwide is an alternative to natural down feathers made without any animal-based ingredient and said to overcome the limitations of other insulations produced from man-made materials.

Garments made with the new nDown technology look and feel the same as those insulated with natural down feathers, according to the firm.

Sae Chang, CEO of Heat-MX Worldwide, says that while there are many products on the market that to try to mimic the performance of down feather such as batted non-woven fabrics, loose polyester fibres and fibre-balls, "these man-made products fall invariably short in performance in several key aspects: warmth-per-weight-ratio, volume recovery, filler-clumping after wash, when compared with high quality down feather material in its optimum state."

In addition, the affinity of natural down feathers to moisture and sweat make them impractical to use it in products designed for outdoor and sportswear.

"Our non-animal-based nDown technology not only overcomes all these limitations but also offers many other environmental and performance benefits," including durability, no odour, and also lower cost, Heat-MX Worldwide says.

The firm will launch nDown technology at the Preview in Seoul, or Seoul International Textile Fair, on 28 August.