With over 1800 stores, all requiring specific routing instructions, detailed shipping labels, the ability to track individual SKUs, combined with many required EDI transaction sets, JC Penney can seem a daunting customer for any footwear supplier.

When Hi-Tec Sports signed with JC Penney, its solution was to turn to ERP software supplier FootWorks for help.

Jeff Goschen, IT manager at Hi-Tec Sports, explains: "We were able to add all the billing information, store locations, and distribution centres electronically, saving our staff many hours of time. We went through their vendor compliance process, including EDI set up, and were able to ship product in very little time."

"Many retailers have unique requirements in order to do business with them but almost none of them are as extensive or specific as JC Penney's", said Dan Clark, EDI specialist at Comprehensive Computer Services Inc the developer of FootWorks Software System. "They tend to revise compliance standards more often than other retailers and they have both a catalogue and a retail division".

"We've worked very hard over the last 6 months to make sure our clients who are doing business with JC Penney meet their updated requirements", stated Mr Clark. "The last thing our clients want is excessive chargebacks for not following a simple routing instruction."