Hibbett Sports has announced plans to build a wholesaling and logistics facility in Alabaster, Alabama.

The sportswear retailer expects to begin construction of the 360,000 square foot facility in autumn 2012, with the site to be operational by autumn 2014.

The site covers around 60 acres of land adjacent to Shelby County Airport. It can be expanded up to 500,000 square feet. It will replace the existing 180,000 square foot facility the company currently leases in Birmingham.

"The current facility has supported our growth from 67 stores to 835 stores at the end of the first quarter," said president and CEO Jeff Rosenthal.

"With the ability to expand up to 500,000 square feet, the new wholesaling and logistics facility will be capable of supporting in excess of 2,000 stores and will enable us to continue growing in small markets where we are needed by communities, consumers, landlords and vendors."