HelpAge Sri Lanka carried out camps for facilities within both the manufacturers knit and woven departments

HelpAge Sri Lanka carried out camps for facilities within both the manufacturer's knit and woven departments

Sri Lankan apparel manufacturing giant Hirdaramani Group has partnered with HelpAge Sri Lanka to conduct medical camps for parents of its staff, offering free eye and medical check-ups and subsequent treatment.

Organised through the Hirdaramani Family Memorial Trust, HelpAge Sri Lanka carried out camps for facilities within both the knit and woven departments. Employees at the facilities were able to bring their parents to the free health camps where anyone that required treatment was provided with cataract surgery, bifocal and reading spectacles, as well as treatment for blood pressure and diabetic conditions.

HelpAge Sri Lanka is a charitable non-governmental organisation working to help disadvantaged senior citizens in Sri Lanka to improve their quality of life.

"The Hirdaramani family has always regarded its associates as part of the extended family and acknowledge the role that their families play in supporting them," says Nikhil Hirdaramani, director of Hirdaramani Group and trustee of the Hirdaramani Memorial Trust. "We also feel that we have a responsibility to support wider community initiatives and have done so throughout our 128-year history. We hope this partnership can help us to improve the health conditions of the elderly resulting in increased life expectancy in Sri Lanka."

Medical and Eye Camps provide free health and eye care services across the island. HelpAge Sri Lanka's dedicated team of doctors examine patients, conduct necessary medical tests and provide medical advice. These patients are also entitled to free medication. Alongside these medical camps, they also provide free eye check-ups by qualified optometrists. Free spectacles are also issued to those in need.

Since inception, Hirdaramani Group has played a role in providing community support, with programmes ranging from developing and supporting local schools, hospitals and children's homes to assistance during disaster relief efforts and rebuilding projects.

With 20 apparel manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, 11 in Bangladesh, five in Vietnam, and two in Ethiopia, and a capacity of almost 17m pieces per month, it is one of the world's largest garment makers, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions including design, fabric sourcing, washing, embroidery/bonding and printing.