Hirsch International Corp (NASDAQ: HRSH) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pulse Microsystems has launched a new web-based design creation and order entry software service called StitchPort.com.

According to research conducted by Luminant Worldwide Corporation, the US market for online embroidery products will be worth about $400m in 2001 and could grow to as much as $5bn worldwide by 2005.

StitchPort.com is claimed to be the only web-based embroidery design creation software service available, and enables projects to be shared among numerous locations and delivered at the speed of an Internet connection.

StitchPort.com permits the customer to create an order in a web browser, choosing the desired item for embroidery. They then select a production-ready file from a library of designs and immediately view a 3D image of the stitched design on the garment they have selected. They are able to personalise the design by adding text. The embroidery production house receives the design, determines the finished cost, confirms the order and sends it directly to production via Pulse Librarian without risk of human error.

The company further said that StitchPort.com services, like all of the Pulse Microsystems products, can be used with all commercial embroidery machines in the marketplace today.

Tas Tsonis, CEO of Pulse said: "StitchPort.com gives our customers an important advantage over their competitors. When it is used with our other products like Librarian to archive orders and Pulse Passport to produce them, embroidery manufacturers have an end-to-end solution that they have never had before. The buyers, sellers and producers of personalised, embroidered products are literally on the same page for the duration of the project for the first time."

About Hirsch International
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