Hitox Corp. of America has named Thomas W Pauken as chairman of the board of directors. He replaces Chris McGougan, who resigned his chairmanship to become the vice president of international sales covering Asia and Europe for Hitox Corp.McGougan has indicated that his resignation stemmed from the need for the company to build sales and increase its exposure in foreign markets. "I will remain on the board, but I really wanted to have a more active role in the company's business. With the appointment of Mr Pauken, I can remain an active board member and still help the company pursue its business goals," says Chris McGougan, vice president of international sales and a member of the board of directors.Bernard Paulson, president and CEO of Hitox Corp. states: "We are greatly pleased to have Chris McGougan devoted to our overseas sales efforts. He will provide the same type of leadership in those markets as he did when he was chairman of the board. We are extremely pleased to have Mr Pauken as our chairman of the board and will look for him to help guide us in our future endeavors."