Fashion retail giant H&M has been named as the world’s biggest user of organic cotton for the second year in a row, according to Textile Exchange’s latest Global Sustainable Textiles Market report.

“H&M’s ambitious programme continues to drive demand for organic cotton and other more sustainable fibres,” said LaRhea Pepper, managing director of Textile Exchange.

“This supports farmers, encourages innovation and … serves as a model for adopting and expanding the use of greener materials in the fashion industry.”

H&M said its increasing consumption of organic cotton was part of the company’s strategy to only use more sustainable cotton by 2020.

“We plan to further increase our use of organic cotton in the future, beside making strong investments in ‘Better Cotton’ and gradually increasing our use of recycled cotton,” said Henrik Lampa, sustainability manager product at H&M.

“Cotton is the raw material we use the most and our good progress against our goal means major improvements for people and the environment in cotton-producing communities.”