The line is H&Ms fourth exclusive Close the Loop Denim Collection

The line is H&M's fourth exclusive Close the Loop Denim Collection

Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has unveiled its latest sustainable clothing collection, made using recycled cotton collected via the company's in-store garment collecting scheme, as part of its mission to create a circular supply chain.

Launched today (5 October), the capsule line is H&M's fourth exclusive Close the Loop Denim Collection and consists of six key denim pieces for women.

Available online only, the collection includes three different jeans styles, an updated skinny fit, an original fit with straight leg and a new wide leg silhouette; a midi length skirt, wide leg dungarees, and an oversized denim jacket.

All of the pieces in the Close the Loop 2017 collection contain 20% recycled cotton fibres sourced from garments collected via H&M's in-store garment collecting scheme, which helps reduce water, land use, and chemical use. 

Technological challenges mean that currently, it is not possible to use any more than 20% recycled cotton in new garments without a significant quality loss. As such, H&M are investing in multiple new technological innovations to overcome this challenge. 

The retailer has committed to using 100% sustainable materials throughout its full product range by 2030.