High street apparel giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has opened its first Canadian store in Toronto this week.

The store, located in the Fairview area, is the first of five planned for Toronto this year.

According to the Swedish retailer, which operates stores in 18 countries, three more outlets will be opened in the greater Toronto area in the coming months, as will a flagship store in the downtown Eaton Centre.

H&M CEO Rolf Eriksen, in Toronto for the debut store's opening, said the chain's approach to fashion and "quality at a low price" would resonate with Canadian shoppers.

"We see high potential in Canada (but) it will depend on the customers," he said.
"If they like our fashions, we're ready to grow."

Eriksen said the largely women's wear-focused Fairview Store would receive deliveries of between 500 and 1000 new items each day.

He added that the other four planned stores would carry more men's and children's lines.

If its first few stores prove successful, H&M could eventually roll out about 200 stores across Canada, Eriksen said.