Mette Maersk

Mette Maersk

Swedish apparel giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has taken part in the pilot of a new carbon neutral ocean fuel product launched by global logistics company Maersk, which could help in the move towards greener solutions in commercial transport.

The new biofuel-blend that has been tested to propel vessels comes from wasted cooking oil and has shown promising results in reducing the emissions from ocean shipping, H&M says.

It was tested and successfully validated by the Dutch Sustainability Growth Coalition (DSGC) and Shell earlier this year, and is certified as a sustainable fuel by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) body.

"The biofuel trial on board Mette Maersk has proven that decarbonised solutions for shipping can already be utilised today. While it is not yet an absolutely final solution it is certainly part of the solution and it can serve as a transition solution to reduce CO2 emissions," explains Søren Toft, Maersk COO.  

When taking a full lifecycle view, including all emissions from upstream production and transportation, the fuel entails savings of 85% compared to bunker fuel, Maersk says. It adds that as part of the project, the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) will ensure carbon savings are appropriately accredited to Maersk's customers appropriately. 

The goal of thesse pilot projects is to unlock the potential of sustainable fuels so they become a commercial reality.

H&M, which is working towards becoming climate positive by 2040, says its transportation footprint is relatively small along the supply chain – standing for around 2% of all emissions.

"Our high ambition to become climate positive by 2040 requires cooperation and engagement from all parties in the supply chain. We want to use our size to be a force for good and enable scaling innovative solutions, such as the carbon neutral ocean product, for a greener commercial transport," says Helena Helmersson, COO at H&M Group.