Hirsch International Corp (NASDAQ: HRSH) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hometown Threads has received permission to expand its in-store personalization and decoration services to ten more Wal-Mart stores throughout 2000.

In 1999, Hometown Threads tested its retail embroidery, personalization and decoration concept in two Wal-Mart stores. The test stores showcased two different layouts: an in-line store-within-a-store and a stand-alone kiosk.

Sales at the test stores were driven by retail customers who decorated product using either their own custom logos or by selecting from the more than 12,000 stock designs and lettering styles offered by Hometown Threads. In addition to the retail personalization business, the test stores serviced many local small business owners seeking to create company branded apparel.

Howard Arnberg, president of Hometown Threads said: "Our business model focuses on delivering embellishment services which, traditionally, have been difficult to source and expensive to purchase in small quantities. As we identify these services, we present them to the mass market at a fair price via a convenient location."

Paul Levine, president of Hirsch International, continued: "The Hometown Threads expansion is one spoke on the wheel of our strategy to extend our revenue producing opportunities down several different avenues. We are also devoting efforts to a significant expansion of our Canadian software company, Pulse Microsystems, via software sales overseas and proprietary B2B e-commerce tools. This transition should result in our return to strong sales that are no longer dependent on a single product line and therefore a very healthy, growing company."

Hirsch International Corp is the leading single source provider to the embroidery industry. The Company supplies electronic computer-controlled embroidery machinery and related products and services. Hirsch offers a line of single-head and multi-head embroidery machines, application software, embroidery supplies and accessories, and flexible financing options.