Fashion company Hugo Boss has agreed to return to talks with union representatives over its controversial plans to close a plant in Ohio.

The announcement follows the threat of a formal complaint from the local National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which found that the German company had not negotiated “in good faith” with the Workers United union.

Now a meeting is to be held next Thursday (8 April) at the offices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Cleveland.

“For months, Hugo Boss has held a sledgehammer over the heads of these workers,” said Workers United president Bruce Raynor.

“Now the force of the law has demanded the company reconsider its actions. This is a significant victory for the workers in their struggle to keep this plant open.”

Opposition to the closure, planned for 28 April, has been fierce, with Hollywood actor Danny Glover calling for a boycott of Hugo Boss suits.

However, Hugo Boss has maintained that there is no economic alternative to the closure, which will cost more than 300 jobs.

The company confirmed that it was returning to the negotiating table in response to the NLRB findings.

“Our goal remains as it was when we started bargaining – the right agreement to make the plant more globally competitive,” said COO Dr Andreas Stockert.