Huntsman Textile Effects has added a new ultraviolet protection finish for children to its High IQ range.

Fabrics treated with this new finishing treatment will protect children's skin from the sun's harmful UV-A and UV-B rays and provide an ultra-violet protection factor of over 50.
The addition means that Huntsman's High IQ global branding programme for its textile colours and effects now covers seven products which can be used individually or combined to provide multiple benefits.

High IQ products are engineered to be easily incorporated into normal production processes, and include Cool Comfort moisture management properties, Lasting Color to help fabrics retain their original colour, Freshness, Easy Care, Active Comfort to repel water on the outside and wicks moisture from the inside, Sun Protection and Sun Protection for Kids. 

"We call these effects High IQ because they provide intelligent solutions to the demands consumers make of their clothes," says brand manager Lee Howarth, "and they are also smart for manufacturers."

By Niki Tait.