Chemicals manufacturer Huntsman Textile Effects has extended its High IQ performance assurance programme to help mills, brands and retailers meet consumer demand for garments with durable moisture management.

The High IQ Cool Comfort performance programme allows clothing to breathe, transports moisture away from the body, and supports accelerated evaporation, ensuring garments dry quickly for long-lasting comfort.

Only mills that meet Huntsman's stringent requirements earn the right to use the High IQ hang tags as point-of-sale product branding – and the company has updated hangtags and promotional materials to support mills and brands in communicating the benefits of the brand.

"Today's consumer seeks comfort and performance in their active lifestyle," says Lee Howarth, global marketing manager for Huntsman Textile Effects. "With Huntsman's High IQ Cool Comfort performance assurance programme, we offer durable moisture management so your garment remains breathable, stays cool and attains the comfort of cotton. Unique quick-dry properties created by the natural microclimate of the garment help to reduce post-exercise chill, making the effects highly suitable for sports and active wear."

The technology that drives the Cool Comfort programme complies with the requirements of Bluesign for safe and sustainable textile production, and fabrics produced with High IQ Cool Comfort moisture management are suitable for Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified textile products.

The High IQ programme also includes Repel rain and stain protection, Lasting White performance, Sun Protect, Lasting Color and Lasting Color eco effects.