Huntsman Textile Effects is increasing its prices in Europe in response to what it describes as "continued high crude oil, energy and transportation costs" and sharply rising raw material costs caused by the removal of certain preferential export tariffs in China from 1 July 2007.
Prices for textile dyes in Europe, Middle-East and Africa will increase by 10-20% and prices for textile chemicals will increase by approximately 5% the company said in a statement.
"The reduced availability of key raw materials from China caused by the closure of certain production plants due to environmental concerns also played a role", said Michael Effing, vice president and general manager Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

In a separate announcement today (25 July), the company said it is to buy DuPont's global fluorochemical business for the nonwovens industry for an undisclosed sum.

The DuPont Zonyl fluorochemical product line is used on nonwoven applications as effective repellents for water, alcohol and oil based fluids.