Huntsman Textile Effects has launched what it claims is a first for the global textile industry with its Terasil inks, which enable industrial-speed dye sublimation transfer-paper printing. 

Terasil Subli XKS inks are designed specifically for the Kyocera high-speed printing head, and use a waterless application system that ensures "excellent runnability and consistency at speeds up to 30 metres/min, with excellent colour depth", the company says.

The Kyocera-approved inks will help dyehouses adopt industrial-scale sublimation printing as an alternative to direct printing, which Huntsman says is both time-consuming and water intensive, requiring 60-80 litres of water to produce 1kg of high quality printed polyester goods.

"The new Terasil Subli XKS inks deliver excellent results through a simplified application process that entirely eliminates the need for water during printing," said Kevin Myers, global marketing manager for Inkjets.

"We expect these new inks to significantly boost customers' digital printing capabilities and to help drive sustainability across the textiles sector."