Hyosungs new Creora spandex plant in Brazil

Hyosung's new Creora spandex plant in Brazil

South Korean yarn producer Hyosung has begun production of its Creora spandex fibre at its newest plant in Brazil, and says the new capacity now makes it the largest spandex producer in the world.

The new $100m facility is located in Araquari in the Santa Catarina region of Brazil, and has the capacity to manufacture 10,000 tons a year,” says president Whang of Hyosung’s Spandex Performance Unit. 

“We have plans for additional investment to achieve production of 150,000 tons total because we believe that demand for spandex will continue. We want to offer the best combination of innovation with best quality through our state of the art, patented manufacturing processes for our customers to continue to grow and thrive.” 

Hyosung’s patented Creora spandex fibre is used extensively in the apparel industry, including hosiery and socks, sports apparel and ready-to-wear markets. The company also has Ccreora spandex plants in South Korea, China (3 plants), Turkey and Vietnam.